Echolink Connections

Echolink connections are a little different on connecting from an AllStar node than AllStar node numbers. First of all, you have to use the *33<echolink node#>.

In order for you to connect to a Echolink node, you have to put in a *33xxxxxx  to connect. The Echolink node xxxxxx is 6 digits long regardless if there are less than 6 digits in the Echolink node number. So here are a few examples on how this works:

  • To connect, for example, to the a Echolink node 523156 you would have to key the repeater and put in *33523156 to connect in transceive mode. Since this node number has 6 digits in the node number you can enter (DTMF) it directly into your radio when keying the repeater.
  • As for Echolink node numbers less than 6 digits, you will have to append leading zero’s preceding the node number. For example, if your Echolink node number is 2345, then you’d enter (DTMF) while keying *33 002345 and it should connect.

To disconnect from Echolink nodes, use the *76 DTMF command and you should hear 2 short beeps. When this occurs, the node is disconnected.

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