900 Mhz Repeater

There is a new 900 Mhz Analog/Digital P25 repeater on 927.6125 MHz in Hendersonville TN.

  • Output frequency: 927.6125
  • Input frequency: 902.6125
  • Repeater Allstar node is a private node, although it is linked to Allstar 47724 at times
  • Repeater can be linked to the 47555 (442.425) node and Echolink Node #888679
  • Allstar node is on the P25 digital mode
  • The analog mode is only for talk around here locally (this may change)
  • The P25 NAC is 293 both for input and output
  • The analog PL Tone is 107.2 both input and output
  • P25 takes precedence over analog

The 900 repeater is online and operational.

Stay tuned and check back often.

As well, comment below and check you want to be notified by email and soon as any updates to the repeater I’ll post updates to the comments below.

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